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Baluchi - A Pan Indian Destination

Baluchi, the Pan Indian Destination by The LaLiT Ashok Bangalore, takes you to the bygone eras of Baluchistan. The luxury hotel is the first of its kind to house a restaurant that is a tribute to the delicacies of Baluchistan. With its vast variety of aromatics dishes, the specialty restaurant creates an ideal atmosphere for a quiet and delightful meal experience. The interior and food, both take you to richness of Baluchistan. A big rustic pitcher placed right at the entrance of the restaurant gives guests the authentic Indian feel. At the same time the bronze and copper clad pillars and walls and shining copper cutlery further add to the Indian touch. The 62 cover restaurant, located at the lobby level of the five star hotel, serves delicious lunch and dinner.

Baluchi’s kitchen specializes in authentic and indigenous style of cooking that includes four major varieties of Tawa, Kadai, Deghchi, and Lagan, also known as lava stone/pathar cooking for curries. Popular kebabs offer a variety of Tawa, Tandoor, Sigdi and Pathar veriety. The appetizing menu including a variety of kebabs, shorbas, roti and rice dishes is a treat to the palate.